Through all the Obstacles: History meets Austrian Power-Metal

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It is the Year 1459. A child is born in a fortress in Lower Austria. This child will heavily influence the cause of history through determined wedding policy and wars.

The child is the subsequent Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Maximilian I. He initiated the climb of the Habsburg-Dynasty into the world power they were soon to become and was one of the most popular Habsburg emperors. Maximilian consolidated the two Habsburg lineages and left an empire to his successors, most notedly his grandson Charles V., in which the sun never set.

Switch to the year 2019

The 500th anniversary of Maximilian’s Death occurred in January 2019. Reason enough for Austria’s prime Power-Metal-Band Serenity have a closer look at him and use his life and actions as an inspiration for a new album. The result of these inspirations is the upcoming album „The Last Knight“ which is set to be released at the end of January 2020.

Serenity graced us with a first insight into the new album with the newly released single „Set The World on Fire“ which is paired with a video.

Album-Cover of the upcoming album

Set The World On Fire

Prior to yesterday’s release, the band teased the album-title, the album production itself (done by Sascha Paeth) and the release of the new single. Understandably, I was quite excited to get a first listen into the new album.

The song itself starts with subdued-sounding vocals and bass and guitar riffs which tighten the tension. Upon listening to it for the first time, because I really enjoyed the riffs in combination with the drums and it was the kind of „little“ perfection I expect from Serenity. However, I do feel like I could have done without the vocals at the beginning.

The Intro is followed by a magnificent instrumental part, that is so epic and convincing that I was ready to go into battle after it! I find it quite fitting that they decided to add little sequences of blood dripping from a sword into water throughout the video. It keeps the link to the historical theme of the album established!

The Band itself in the video is really well portrayed and shot and the fire adds just the right amount of drama and epicness. Unfortunately, I find the location of the video, an old warehouse of some sort, seriously mismatched to the music and the album-theme… I would have preferred a similar venue like the video to „United“, which wouldn’t have caused such a serious dissonance between band and historic scenes.

However, the song is thoroughly well made and I especially like the parts where the vocals are enforced by the backing vocals and the composition as a whole is quite impressive. I do feel like the melodies are a bit generic and am sure that Serenity can do better, but one should not forget that this is just one song from a whole album that is presented here. In the overall experience of the album, the song can feel quite differently and can have a completely new sense, Furthermore it is quite hard to pick out just one song to accurately depict a concept album.

One big plus of the song is the appearance of Herbie Langhans (known from Avantasia) because it provides an unexpected element of surprise.

All in all, the band did give us a good song which does however leave quite some room for the album (and maybe a second single) to impress. I for one am still curious about the album.


If you want to support the band and get the album as soon as possible, then please do not hesitate to have a look at the band’s pre-sale under the following link:

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