Can I get an Amen? – Chaosbay’s new single

„The purpose of art is to keep alive what is so necessary and important for us.“

– Michelangelo

Deutsche Version:

Oh how right Michelangelo was! In many instances I would love to see the metal scene take to this quote. Especially in a politically straining time like ours, art and music cannot and should not remain impartial.

Between the Corona virus, the civil war in Syria and the reoccurring refugee crisis (which was never gone anyway) on the island of Lesbos, it is all the more important to speak up.

In light of this, it is very delightful to be presented with a song that is able to escape this vicious cycle of indifference that is persistent in the metal scene.

I am talking about the single Amen by the Prog-Metal-Combo Chaosbay which was released today and is the second single from their upcoming album Asylum.

Chaosbay are able to tackle a pivotal and problematic topic without giving the listener the impression that they are doing it from a moral highpoint.

The central question of the expressive lyrics in the chorus is the question whether a divine figure actually exists and, if so, why it would allow the pain and suffering, that is going on, to happen in the way it does.

In the first to verses the European indifference and stumpiness is being criticized. The same problems are discussed over and over without ever finding a satisfying solution to them. In that context, the metaphor „a new tyranny / of outdated problems“ is perfectly fitting to me for a democratic system which tends to come up with short-term solutions rather than looking for long-term decisions.

The point of view then changes in verse three and four: The main focus of attention is a refugee who is searching for a safe haven for his family but is confronted with pure hatred for which he is not to blame. I find this change quite well done as it establishes a contrast to the first two verses and their western and decadent point of view. It enables the listener to get a better grasp of the problem at hand.

After repeating the chorus twice, there is a harder part which is opened by the line „We stand tall against your racism“. The shouting done in this part is laying a heavy emphasis on the urgency of the matter which is exceptionally well done. In the overall feeling of the song, the point to introduce the harder part is also chosen quite perfectly as it is sort of the culmination of the song.

In the end, we have three more verses. Especially the second to last line is probably my favorite in the whole song: „Our economy’s healthy and works too well / as long as the weapons and drugs we sell / only fly one-way across the deep water“. If that is not a perfect description of today’s situation, then I don’t know what is!

The last line („How could this happen?“)  then hangs seemingly in the air caused by a light fade-out which makes it seem like an open question to the listener, but it could also be a good transition into the song that will follow Amen on the album.

In general, the song not only convinces by expressive lyrics. Typical for Chaosbay we have virtuous drums and guitar that are paired with strong vocals and catchy melodies.. Especially the chorus has a distinct earworm-character and after the live show in January I had it in my ear for quite some time, even though I did not know what song they actually played which is just another advantage of Amen.

The video itself is also amazingly well produced! In the video for their first single Soldiers, one could easily get the impression that there was only singer Jan Listing in this band, but now we luckily get to see the whole band together.

During the video we only get to see one place and there is not a lot going on. This, however, is actually pretty well fitting to me. By deliberately using close-ups and a more simple make-up of the video, which still has its own dynamic, the viewer is forced to pay more attention to the song. In light of what I talked about above, this is the right thing to do! Nevertheless is the video not boring, but rather entertaining due to incredibly well done shots!

To draw a conclusion, I must say that Chaosbay were once again able to surprise me and to continuously improve themselves while not losing the essence of who they are. Amen is a song that shows (and spoilers) the potential of the coming album. I for my part will listen to this song for roundabout 800 more times today and continue doing so tomorrow as well!

Have a look at the lyrics and the video below:

AMEN by Chaosbay

another scandal in the news
how should I act all surprised about that
when there is nothing left to lose
we can only lose ourselves to this crap

a new tyranny
out of outdated problems
that won’t go away

if there is a god
how could this happen?
if there is a god
we don’t need a devil
this can’t be heaven, no

I saw him coming to this land
he was glad he found a place where he could sleep
without a pistol in his hand
like he used to do to protect his family

but all he can see
is furious hatred
but what has he done?

if there is a god
how could this happen?
if there is a god
we don’t need a devil

if there is a god
I’ve learnt my lesson
if there is a god
we are the weapon
this can’t be heaven

we stand tall against your racism
against your anxiety bout this future
we learn from what you do wrong
we’re going to win
we’re not gonna fall this time

if there is a god
how could this happen?
if there is a god
we don’t need a devil

if there is a god
I’ve learnt my lesson
if there is a god
we are the weapon
this can’t be heaven

in this cozy room it’s hard to tell
who once has started this carousel
and who is to blame for this mess at the borders

our economy’s healthy works too well
as long as the weapons and drugs we sell
only fly one-way across the deep water

If there is a god
and even if not
I can see the flood
if there is a god
how could this happen

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