The Start – Behind The Scenes With CHAOSBAY (Part 1)

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Have you noticed that how fast this year has passed already? It’s August! AUGUST!! And even worse: Even August is half-way through as well… When I loo at what I had planned for this year and what I have been able to realize, then it’s leaving quite the bitter taste… But, as always, there is a light at the end of the tunnel:

In a month, CHAOSBAY will release their long-awaited second album, which you can preorder here. Let me tell you: It’s worth it!

To get ourselves in the mood for what’s coming, it’s worth it to have a look into the past and into the band’s history.

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Who started this carousel?

The beginnings of CHAOSBAY can be found in Mannheim in the year 2010 when singer and songwriter JAN LISTING began his university studies. At the university, drummer PATRICK BERNATH joined him when Jan was searching for other band members. This first prototype-like band played more pop music inspired rock and had a different name. Apart from JAN, PATRICK is the only „original“ band member left from this period of time.

Jan Listing/CHAOSBAY, 07.08.2020; Pic by

In 2012 the constellation of the band changed, it was re-named „Chaosbay“ and bassist MATTHIAS HEISING joined the project. One last change in the band’s lineup happened in 2018 and ALEXANDER LANGNER joined CHAOSBAY permanently after supporting the band for years beforehand.

After spending time abroad in Ireland, JAN LISTING returned with new musical ideas and the sound that was developed from these ideas was the initial start to today’s (refined) CHAOSBAY sound. JANs vision is still decisive for the musical stylings of this band.

Back then we started walking

At this point you’re probably wondering which songs were written first. Let me tell you, those were not only songs, but longtracks: Tragedy No. 1, Miss Universe and Farewell Ath Cliath. Without the last one, you would never be able to read this article since this was the song that made me listen to CHAOSBAY!

Patrick Bernath/CHAOSBAY, 07.08.2020; Pic by

Shortly after there were the first concerts with bands like THE INTERSPHERE, THE HIRSCH EFFEKT, DIORAMIC CLUTCH and an appearance at the biggest Prog-Metal festival, the EUROBLAST festival.

The release of the first album called Vasilisa can certainly be seen as a culmination of this first phase. In it, CHAOSBAY show for the first time what they are capable of in the long run: modern sound and production, catchy melodies, guttural vocals in the right places and the ability to convey a topic on a lyrical and musical level.

Try not to falter

But as always, sometime in life things are bound to change. And this rule made no exception for CHAOSBAY. Due to the end of their university time in 2016, a majority of the band moved to Berlin and had to gain a foothold in the professional world. CHAOSBAY as a musical project, had to take a step back. If you want to establish yourself in the music world as a musician, songwriter or producer, you cannot afford band projects on the side.

Nevertheless, the desire to make Prog-Metal never seemed to falter as in 2017 the (online) EP Of Cutting Cords was released. At this point, however, there were no plans to come together and reactivate the band.

Matthias Heising/CHAOSBAY, 07.08.2020; Pic by

Despite the logistic and financial hurdles that come with it, a few demos were produced. This seemed to spark the old passions again and in 2018, after three years of (official) hiatus, the four musicians decided to have another go at it and they immediately booked their first tour.

Enjoy the rise

In the years of their hiatus, all four band members have further refined their musical skills and have become professionals. They had the opportunity to tour with various national and international artists and these experiences really elevate their ambitions for CHAOSBAY.

The music students who just wanted to play are now established musicians that conquer their goals with determination and who are able to make a living with music.

The fun and the easy-going atmosphere amongst them is still important for the overall production of this band. Everyone is doing his part in achieving the goals set and the tour in January and February this year shows that they are giving no less that 120% of commitment. This band shows that they are willing and determined to make this kind of music into their main source of income.

Alexander Langner/CHAOSBAY, 07.08.2020; Pic by

Over the summer, CHAOSBAY have been especially busy producing their upcoming album Asylum which is set to be released on September 18th. The Singles and the live-sessions that were produced in the DucklakeStudios are a great indicator of what is coming.

And you know, everything could be so good. An album followed by a release tour in selected cities, but well.. The even industry is dying and with it the possibility for bands to adequately promote their music. CHAOSBAY faces the same fate. The planned concerts will be rescheduled.

Because of that, I want to give you a more personal note: Pre-order the album, which, by the way, will also be available as a fancy LP. You won’t regret it (And the more you buy, the sooner there will be new music).

In two weeks time, we’ll continue with our countdown-article-trilogy anticipating the new CHAOSBAY album. Stay tuned and stay safe and healthy!

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