All I Want For Christmas Is… Stallion??

Band: Stallion

EP: Christmatized

Genre: (weihnachtlicher) Heavy/Speed Metal

Duration: 14:51

Release: 27.11.2020 (via Glory Stables Records)

Thanks to the Band for providing me with the EP and the Promo-Material!

You can get the EP here (starting Nov. 27th, 5pm CET, limited to 275)

Zur deutschen Version dieses Artikels geht es hier.

It’s Nov. 27th 2020 and that means that there are only 27 days left until Christmas! And while some stores are slowly starting to play WHAM!’s Last Christmas and the internet tries to come up with new memes about MARIAH CAREY’s All I Want For Christmas Is You, the metal community doesn’t just stand by. We’re graced with a Christmas-Special by STALLION.

Christmatized is the name of the new EP, that will provide christmassy metal-sounds this year. The band shows in four songs that Christmas doesn’t have to be a tranquil holiday, but can instead be spent shredding.

The EP kicks of with their own Christmas carol Santa (Can You Hear Me), that combines everything you love about STALLION and Christmas: Power, guitars, Pauly’s old school vocals and something about Santa Claus. This is also the point in which I have to apologize to my roommate in advance, since she will be hearing this song A LOT in the next weeks!

If you’ve heard a STALLION production before, you know that there won’t be any calm interludes and it’s the same here. For the second song, the listener is gifted with a rendition of KING DIAMOND’s No Presents For Christmas. This exceptionally well done because STALLION proof that they’re able to give a cover that is both authentic to the original and true to their own style. An absolute must for fans of the King!

And now for my personal favourite on this EP: the Christmatized Medley. Consisting of MARIAH CAREY’s All I Want For Christmas Is You, JOHN LENNON’s Happy X-Mas – War Is Over and PAUL McCARTNEY’s Wonderful Christmas Time, this song is fun because you can sing along anyway. STALLION spice it up with a good measure of guitar power, that simply can’t get out of my head. Granted, if you spent Christmas with you grand-parents, this might not be your sog of choice, but I get in a very festive mood while listening to it!

Last but not least, we are graced with a version of Let It Snow that is all but calm and serene. Here you can find the best guitar solos on this EP and they also manage to include the well known melody. If it weren’t for climate change, you could hope for a white christmas after this.

All in All, I have to say that I’m in a full-blown Christmas mode. Christmatized just exudes power and Christmas spirit, a combination that works surprisingly well. Not to mention that this is already the second release by STALLION this year.

If you like metal and Christmas (but honestly, who doesn’t like Christmas??), then this is the EP for you. Merry Christmas!


Vocals – Pauly
Guitars – Äxxl, Clode
Bass – Stämpfe
Drums – Aaron

STALLION, Christmatized, 2020; pic provided by STALLION

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