The Ravens fly again – Interview with MONO INC.

A piece of freedom, that is what most people associate with the upcoming live shows after more than a year of this pandemic. One band, that is on the road a lot recently, is MONO INC. In the interview, you can now read what the live shows feel like to them and what they have planned for the future. Additionally, you can find all the infos on their upcoming Open Air shows at the end of this article.

Zur deutschen Version geht es hier.

Shieldmaiden’s Voice: If you had to describe your musical style in three words, which would you choose?

Mono Inc.: Deep, beautiful and melancholic.

SV: How does it feel to be back on stage?

Mono Inc.: It will be like riding a bike – there are things you cannot forget.

SV: How did you, as artists, experience this pandemic?

Mono Inc.: It was a very hard time for the artists in us, but the private people in us tried to use this unexpected time for things that have been neglected due to our life in show business.

SV: Was this „compulsory break“ an opportunity for you to reinvent yourself artistically?

Mono Inc.: Honestly, it wasn’t, because we know who we are, what we want and what we expect from us and the band in the future.

SV: What are you most excited about in the coming weeks and months?

Mono Inc.: We are going to see a lot of friends, fans and companions on our upcoming „We Are The Raven – Open Air“ show. That is a huge reason for excitement! Additionally, we are excited to be able to give the visitors some nice hours, detached celebration, live music and emotional distraction. The key to a strong immune system is a healthy psyche afterall!

SV: In 2020, you released your last album „Book of Fire“ and were having a huge success with it. Did you think that would happen?

Mono Inc.: We never expected – or planned – that Book of Fire would become a #1 Album. There is so much luck, coincidence and momentum involved that you’re just driving yourself crazy and mad if you’re planning for that. Our fans were setting themselves the goal of „the Monos have to go #1“, which was a sentence we repeatedly read on social media but didn’t give much thought to. We knew that EMINEM and the PET SHOP BOYS were releasing their albums respectively in the same week. We always tried to downplay it to not let this enthusiasm cause any disappointment. But to no avail – the Mono fans just went for it and gave this awesome present to us and themselves. Luck, coincidence and moment. Some pieces really seem to fit at the right moment!

SV: How do you plan tie into this success in the future?

Mono Inc.: First of all, we’re going to play our world tour which has been delayed since March 2020. This will bring us through all of Europe, to North and South America as well as Asia. Once all these gigs are played, we will have tons of inspiration for new material. Which position this album-to-be will have in the charts is not important anymore: We don’t have to prove anything anymore. We just have to release an album that is the best of what we could get out of us at this particular moment in time. Nothing more and nothing less.

SV: If you could have one message to tell your fans, which would it be?

Mono Inc.: The subjunctive in the question seems a bit provocative 😉

Naturally we have a message, not just for our fans: Solidarity, tolerance & love. That is what counts.

Upcoming dates for the „We are the Ravens“ Open Airs:

18.07.2021 Wiesbaden – BRITA Arena (Strandkorb Open Air)°

31.07.2021 Chemnitz – Wasserschloss Klaffenbach°

20.08.2021 Berlin – Rennbahn Hoppegarten (Strandkorb Open Air)*

21.08.2021 Mönchengladbach – SparkassenPark (Strandkorb Open Air)*

27.08.2021 Nürnberg – Volkspark (Strandkorb Open Air)+

Tickets are available here:

Special Guests: Storm Seeker°, Manntra*, Lacrimas Profundere+

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