Chaosbay Set To Release New Single And EP

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There is not much that can seriously surprise me. If a band still manages to do so, then it is a huge accomplishment in itself.

Now imagine my surprise when I learned that CHAOSBAY are not only releasing a new single, but a whole new EP!

But first thing first: On the 27th of August, we will be granted a first listen of the upcoming EP Boxes and the first single will be called Lonely People.

Before I first listened to the songs, I was very sure that I knew what to expect. CHAOSBAY play technically versed and catchy Prog-Metal which is situated somewhere between PERIPHERY and  TESSERACT. Furthermore, I have accompanied the band’s development very closely which was was why I expected good music but not to be completely blown away. 

As always though, things oftentimes go very differently from the way you planned them! In the first seconds of listening to the song I already had goosebumps all over my arms. The bright beginning is very swiftly replaced by dark growls and deep guitars and bass before Jan commences singing in a lightly distressed fashion.

The lyrics, of which I don’t want to reveal to much, have a very distinct claustrophobic feel to them which culminates in the last two lines before the chorus: „And as I’m trying to turn my head he lights a fire / and it’s myself looking at me“

The breakout then happens in the highly emotional chorus in which the drums, for which you simply have to love the four guys from Berlin and Kaiserslautern, are at their highest performance. If you can stay still, you haven’t been paying attention.

The dark Tech-Dystopia, which is created here, finds its peak in the question which reality is even real and the feeling that the machines have taken over after all („I’ve got this feeling the machines have won“)

It’s very interesting to me that the themes of dystopia, tech (apocalypse) and the downfall of mankind or the world in itself have been recurred time and time again in recent metal releases. I want to refer to the reviews of ORDEN OGAN’s Final Days or KAMBRIUM’s Synthetic Era, as well as the album Phylogenesis by the American Death Metal band ABYSMAL DAWN. The pandemic has apparently caused a number of artists to take a closer look at technology and being left alone with that technology and to criticize it.

This criticism has caused CHAOSBAY to take a musical step forward and to combine their style with modern Metalcore elements which kind of remind me of the last ANNISOKAY album. The result is a new first single which is quintessential CHAOSBAY while simultaneously not being CHAOSBAY at all. The band is able to recognize their strengths and to combine them with innovative songwriting without losing themselves in the process. The result is a song I would never have expected.

All in all, we are once again handed proof that CHAOSBAY have what it takes to play on all the grand stages of this world and I am curious as to what they will do next!

CHAOSBAY 2021; Pic provided by the Band

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