Heavy Metal Escape

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Many look to the rising COVID-19 case numbers with worry and are anxious about the things that might await us. In this madness, it’s nice to have some kind of escape, even if it’s just for an evening. Such an escape was the last Saturday evening in the Station Endlos in Halle. Kusch Concerts organized a metal night in a psychedelic setting that really pulled all the stops: THE NIGHT ETERNAL, STALLION and VULTURE were gracing the stage. Thanks to the obligation to provide a negative test, the audience was able to enjoy this Metal power line-up relatively carefree.

Huge thanks at this point to lightinmirror.de for the amazing pictures, without which this blog certainly wouldn’t be the same!


THE NIGHT ETERNAL started the evening with their Heavy Metal music. I hadn’t really researched much about the band beforehand and because of that I was able to just be open-minded about what they were going to present. This dynamic band from Essen really managed to convince me!

Their music is characterized by catchy guitar riffs and a kind of laid-back attitude on stage. I really enjoyed their song Shadow’s Servant from their release Moonlit Cross

They were the perfect opener for an audience that wasn’t really warmed up at this point and they were able to set the mood for the bands who would take the stage after them.

It was a bit unfortunate for me though that I wasn’t able to fully understand the lyrics because of where I was standing. This means that I will have to see THE NIGHT ETERNAL again some time. How unfortunate 😉

This band is certainly something for people who enjoy cool Heavy Metal!

THE NIGHT ETERNAL; Pic by lightinmirror.de


My personal highlight however were STALLION. This was the third time that I saw this Metal powerhouse from the Lake Constance region live and it gets better every time.

I don’t think it’s exaggerated to say that they tore this house down. The setlist combined the best from (almost) all releases, even my favorite song Die with Me from their last album Slaves of Time. 

The set was expertly complemented and completed, as every STALLION show, by playing the punk-like song Kill Fascists twice, a song you can play a couple of times more in Halle. 

Something we can’t slip through on this occasion is to mention how much charisma this band has and how you can really feel that they enjoy being on stage with their friends playing their music!

In that context, it’s a bit unfortunate that the stage wasn’t bigger, with more space, Pauly would’ve been able to move more freely. Especially in the end it became quite crowded when a fan made his way onto the stage!

In hindsight you weren’t able to tell that this band hadn’t been on stage together for a long time. Or, to quote lightinmirror.de: „It’s been some time since I last experienced something like that!“ Simply amazing!

STALLION; Pic by lightinmirror.de


The last band of the evening were VULTURE who also delivered an awesome show! Admittedly, it was quite exhausting towards the end due to the fact that the fog they used on stage couldn’t really dissolve and people were smoking inside. I felt like my glasses were fogging up but it was just the air in the club. After almost two years of this pandemic, I’m just not used to this anymore…

VULTURE however were seemingly unfazed by that and played their characteristic mix of Speed and Thrash Metal, that really captured the audience.

I personally don’t really like Thrash Metal which is why STALLION were the stronger band this evening, but that is highly subjective since there was a number of people in the audience that really enjoyed this gig!

Overall, VULTURE did a perfect job in closing out this evening. Looking at the case numbers, it stands to reason that it was probably the last of these kinds of occasions for a long time. 

At this point I also want to extend my gratitude towards Kusch Concerts for organizing this evening and thereby taking on a huge risk! Not many are able to provide a stable hygienic concept these days and the risk to ask for a negative test at the last minute can’t have been an easy decision!

We were very happy to see one last concert this year and are excited for the next concerts once it’s safe again to have them!

Stay safe and make sure to check the page in the coming days for more content from this evening!

VULTURE; Pic by lightinmirror.de

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