Metal, Beer and Friends – The Rockharz 2022 Preliminary Report

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It’s July 2014. I’m 17 years old and just came back from a longer stay abroad. My sister and I have tickets for a festival just behind Ballenstedt near the Harz Mountains. We’ve passed this small airport area hundreds of times before but we never recognized it as a festival area… „The only thing there is the sewage plant!“ is all my grandma has to say about this. But we get into my sister’s car anyway and head for our first festival day.

And what can I say? The festival has never let us go. This year my sister even got married to my brother-in-law whom she met at the festival!
This year’s ROCKHARZ will be my fifth time at the festival (I wasn’t able to attend in 2015 and 2019) and every time it’s like coming home to family.
The atmosphere is the deciding factor that separates ROCKHARZ festival from others of its kind and lets me come back each and every time.

COVID-19, the pandemic… And now?

The event industry was hit exceptionally hard by the pandemic. This is surely not any different for ROCKHARZ. The fact that we will be able to attend a ROCKHARZ in 2022 is a testament to the hard work behind the scenes.

All the more beautiful is the fact that the festival can count on its supporters: It’s completely sold out once again!

But what convinces people to find their way into this, admittedly rather sleepy, area in Saxony-Anhalt? What makes ROCKHARZ so special?

One Care-Free-Package, please!

In contrast to other festivals this size, you’ll be able to watch every single band that plays at ROCKHARZ if you want to. The two stages are alternately played so that you’re able to see every band as long as you’re present on the infield. If you don’t want to see a certain band, you can use the time to have fun with your friends, eat something or have a look at the shops attending.

The ROCKHARZ team organizes this festival under a lot of pressure with exceptional care to deliver a mix of Metal, Rock and Gothic. I know from some of my friends who played at the festival with their bands that this care is also extended towards the musicians. Not only do they feel well cared for and welcomed, one even told me that it was one of the best festivals he ever played!

One thing that might be interesting is, that there are now off times for bands to be booked. If the band fits the overall concept and is available, then the chances are quite good that they’re being booked consecutively. 

Enough chit-chat! This year’s highlights!

At this point, I have to get a bit more subjective because opinions on what a highlight is might differ. In terms of bands, ROCKHARZ 2022 is just AWESOME to me! With bands like ACCEPT, AT THE GATES and DARK FUNERAL over to DARK TRANQUILLITY, ELUVEITIE and ENSIFERUM to KAMBRIUM, SEPULTURA, RUNNING WILD and TWILIGHT FORCE, there are so many bands that I admire and love that I don’t know who will the receive my first interview request. Although… technically I already have one set interview, but I won’t tell with whom… The line-up is notably diverse and there’s nothing more to wish for, at least for me. Comparing it to the last event in 2019 it is definitely a new level they reached here!

While this is primarily about music, the coming together and celebrating life is certainly another highlight in this. Spending some hard, but entertaining days with your friends while listening to awesome music is an integral part. After all: Was it even a real festival if you’re not completely exhausted on the Sunday after?

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