A special broadcast indeed – CIRCUS OF FOOLS Review

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Album: A Broadcast from GEN .0

Genre: Gothic Metal

Duration: 46:52

Release: 25.11.2022 (via Bleeding Nose Records)

Thanks to the band for sending me the album and letting me be present while working on this album!

You can order the album here.

Dramatic flashback, light sepia tones: We’re standing in front of the Oberschwaben-Halle in Ravensburg. AMON AMARTH are about to play and I’m walking around to interview people for my radio show. There are some who say that they also have a band and I’m handed a sticker. „Who knows what kind of crazy weirdos they are…“ I think to myself.

Four years later I have’t been able to escape the clown’s curse and I’m sitting in front of my computer to write these words about their new album A Broadcast from GEN .0 that is set to be released tomorrow. It’s funny how things turn out!

The album itself starts with an opener track with a duration of 1:31 which is a bit too long for my liking. It would have been better to shorten it by a little. By using an underlying creepy carnival melody and very distinct viola, it does however manage to set the tone for what’s to come. The seamless transition to Head of Medusa is exceptionally well done. 

In Head of Medusa we also get a first impression of the combined vocal power of Tim and new singer Tammy, who manages to establish herself as a versatile singer. I don’t want to dwell too long on any comparison between former singer Caro and Tammy. While I always found Caro’s voice to be very well fitting when it came to sending shivers down listener’s spines, I also appreciate the brattiness in Tammy’s voice which fits these new song very well!

In terms of topics, the clowns stay true to their critical stance towards our current society, which can be clearly heard in their songs. The first single release, which was Our Digital Drug, was a clear indicator of that. In times, in which our safety is threatened by global crisis, in which we hold a completely bonkers soccer world championship in Qatar and in which right-wing movements gain more influence, it’s all the more important to take a stance. The band does just that in a manner that is both intelligent and honest, which is something I have really appreciated through the years. 

In addition, there are a couple of musical highlights as well: I want to especially highlight the song In the Name of Science, which I was able to see being created and that got to me right from the start with the impeccable way each element plays into the other. Everything just fits, be it the amazing vocals, the catchy viola melodies or the smaller details you find while listening closely. The band definitely benefitted from the work that was done at Sawdust Recordings. 

My personal favorite however is the song Primal Force Humanity. The collaboration with MALUS D’ERIS is a totally different musical vibe while remaining quintessential CIRCUS OF FOOLS. It is that kind of variety that makes this album even better. It’s always great for a listener to have a band experiment while still staying true to themselves. 

To draw a conclusion, this album is exactly what I’ve been waiting for since I first met them. This band has grown, has experimented and was able to find a way to distinguish themselves from other bands of this genre. In addition, they can be sure of a loyal fanbase that helped them finance this album via crowdfunding. These facts in combination with an experienced production team have made this album a true mile stone in the band’s history! Well done!

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