When Passion Moves Mountains – Merseburger Rocknacht 2022

Zur deutschen Version gehts hier!

If you have been following my blog a bit more closely you’ll have noticed that I especially care for the artists and organizers that are not always in the spotlights. This is also why I’m extra excited for the beginning of September when the 10. Merseburger Rocknacht will take place, to which all of you out there are cordially invited! On the 2nd and 3rd of September scene stars like ANNISOKAY, SODOM, PRO-PAIN, GRAVE DIGGER and WARKINGS will be rock the stage!

Merseburg, the city where the Merseburg incantations were discovered, is situated closely to Leipzig and Halle and is one of the oldest towns in central Germany. It is also the home of the Baberski-family who have now been organizing this event, together with a talented team, for almost 10 years.

Situated in central Merseburg, on the Rischmühleninsel, you will encounter a facetted Rock and Metal program that also contains some insider tipps. Motörhead fans will be especially treated by the appearance of KILMINISTER. I, personally, am very excited for the show of the local band DAYS OF GRACE of whom I’ve heard a lot of good things and who will release their new album a week after this festival!

If you like good music, familiar atmosphere, a fully motivated team of organizers and are generally excited for Bigger & Faster then make sure to get your tickets soon! We’ll see us there!

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