Metalcore meets Party: An Interview with STESY

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If you look up „party animals“ in the dictionary, chances are you’ll find a picture of the Austrian band STESY there. This band has set out to disrupt the Metalcore scene! Somewhere between neon vests, bad jokes and aggressive vocals, singer Chris and guitarist Mario found to answer some questions. In case you’re wondering, how to pronounce the band’s name, find a nice, little guide right here.

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STESY; Pic by (c) 2022

Shieldmaiden’s Voice: If you had to describe your music in three words, which would you choose?

Chris: Energetic, funny…

Mario: Party!

SV: What does your band’s name mean?

Chris: We could go way back on this one. The name itself doesn’t really have a meaning, it’s just simply a shortened version of our first name, which was „Stendhal Syndrome“. No one knows what that even means. The syndrome describes the rush you get when you look at artwork. It’s a type of ecstasy you fall into. The problem is that no one knows how it’s spelled and how to pronounce it. Not even we know that!

Mario: And those are really long words, too. We wanted to completely rename ourselves and within the band we always said STESY and we just stuck with it. But still, no one knows how it’s pronounced! [everyone laughs]

SV: Are there songs, albums or artists that heavily influenced you?

Mario: We’re very influenced by THE BROWNING and BREAKDOWN OF SANITY, even though they don’t do that much music anymore. We’re going in a rougher direction of Metalcore, without clean vocals and it’s similar to BREAKDOWN OF SANITY. Everything that concerns the sythesizers and the electronic stuff comes from ELECTRIC CALLBOY. We looked for our favourites and mixed them together. That only concerns the newest stuff though.

Chris: WE BUTTER THE BREAD WITH BUTTER also plays a role. We didn’t want to compare ourselves that much, but rather do our own thing. You do incorporate some ideas and these bands were definitely present during the songwriting. 

SV: You just briefly mentioned it and I would deepen that a bit: How did you find your current style? Your music changed quite a bit.

Mario: With our album Contrasts we played standard Metalcore. We realized though that while it was fun, that we wouldn’t go that far with it. We were at an impasse. In 2019 we decided to do another album and during that progress we gave more room to the voices in the band that wanted more Ambience and Techno.

Blaze was written in a cabin and we just went with the flow. The first track we wrote was Sapphire, the title track. This song made it clear that the album would be go more into the party and Electro vibe, without ignoring our Metalcore roots. Most Trancecore bands are very soft and use a lot of Clean Vocals, but we wanted to utilize our Metalcore strengths more.

Chris: That is also due to our personal beliefs. Metalcore ist very serious when it comes to the lyrics and it focusses a lot on negative aspects. We are the exact opposite, we love being silly. We enjoy spreading good vibes! The lyrics of Sapphire were improvised as well. It’s just supposed to be fun and that is why we incorporated a bad German joke into an English song. Why not? Nobody had done this before and we just did it because we wanted to do it. 

Mario: In the beginning, we always had the mindset of „We can’t do it like that!“ or „That’s not how you do it!“ and we changed that completely. By doing this, we got to our current style.

Chris: Every idea counts, no matter how stupid it is!

SV: So basically your motto is „The question is not ‚Why‘, but ‚Why not‘“?

Both: Exactly!

STESY; Pic by (c) 2022

SV: Let’s talk about Blaze. All the songs on this album are named after gems. What’s the reason behind that?

Chris: Oh, I think even the band doesn’t know that! I searched for something colorful, but using simple rainbow colors was just too easy. Gems are very cool and I was reminded of my Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, which had these crystal monsters. There was Emerald Turtle, Saphire Pegasus and many more. I loved those cards back in the day and as a band we spoke about whether I can do that or not.

Mario: Wait! We talked about using the gemstones! We didn’t know it came from Yu-Gi-Oh! cards!

Chris: But Onyx doesn’t exist in the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe! But that’s besides the point. We wanted to do a cohesive theme and in the beginning we wanted to combine a color with an emotion. Like green for envy and stuff like that. In the end, it didn’t work out like that. The thought process was rather: „Which song has the whale joke in it? In that song! The whale lives in the sea, water is blue and that is why this song will be named Sapphire“. 

It’s a cool idea, but we now have the problem that no one knows which song is which. [laughs]

STESY; Pic by (c) 2022

SV: You also said that you didn’t want the serious Metalcore messages anymore. What are the messages you want to convey instead?

Chris: No messages! We try to stay out of politics.

Mario: Our message is rather „Come to our shows and have fun!“

Chris: Exactly! Live in there here and now and have fun! The people are supposed to know after just one song who we are, what we do and that’s important for our music.

SV: If you look into the future, what are goals you want to achieve in the next years?

Chris: Survive, perhaps?

Mario: We wrote songs and partly recorded them. We also have some music videos in store.

Chris: We hope for growth in the fanbase and for more gigs.

Mario: We play a lot of shows in Germany. The people here are very open for young bands and that’s where we want to start. Ideally we would go on tour with a bigger band as well.

SV: If you could give one message to your fans, which would it be?

Chris: BEVERAGE ACCIDENT, Ladies and Gentleman! Until Blackout!

SV: Beverage accident?

Mario: That’s his word for being completely wasted.

SV: What a way to end the interview!

It really is! If you want to hear more from these lovable Austrians, check out their Youtube and Spotify. Check out their merch as well!

STESY; Pic by (c) 2022

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