Lights On! STALLION and SANHEDRIN in Erfurt

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For me, a good concert is shaped by passionate music, musicians that give their all and the feeling that it could go on forever. Last week’s show with STALLION and SANHEDRIN can be described with these features. During the Slaves Of LIghtTour, the bands made their way to Erfurt and the Club From Hell and, luckily, we were able to attend!

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The guys from Germany, Austria and Switzerland opened the evening. Despite the cult status of the club and the amazing line-up, there weren’t as many people as there should have been. One can only speculate if it was due to the concert being on a Thursday or because ANNISOKAY played a show in Jena that day or simply because the people are still hesitant to go to concerts because of the pandemic situation.

Whoever didn’t attend, missed a true power inferno. Right from the first notes of the first song, Waking The Demons, it was obvious that they came to slay! This initial song is followed by a set that combines the music strengths of all band members. Fast drumplay meets virtuos guitars and is combined to perfection with the charismatic vocals.

The quintet manages to set a musical exclamation mark with songs like Wild Stallions, Canadian Steele and Die With Me, my personal STALLION favorite. Truly nothing anyone could forget!

STALLION @Club from Hell; Pic by


SANHEDRIN’s set began a bit calmer but not any less amazing. The set-up for this was truly bad: Singer and bass player Erica injured her hand in a shutting car door earlier that day. I don’t want to imagine the pain she must have been in.

It was all the more amazing to realize that you can’t tell that she was injured! The trio from the United States performs a plethora of amazing songs in a cool manner. Most of the songs can be found on the recent album Lights On, which seemed to have enthusiastic fans in the audience. 

My personal highlights were Lost At Sea and Change Takes Forever, as well as In From The Outside. SANHEDRIN use well placed accents to deliver an honest and captivating show. When I saw them for the first time 3 years ago, it was really good, but that was nothing in comparison to the show in Erfurt. They are a professional band that express their view of the world. If you have the chance, go see them!

At the end of the evening, I have a sore throat, each of us bought a SANHEDRIN shirt and signed vinyl has made its way into my photographer’s collection. Long story short: What a concert!

SANHEDRIN @Club from Hell; Pic by

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