We’ve got Lasers! An Interview with VICTORIUS

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From the 90s into prehistoric times and back into the future! At least kind of… Hardly any band manages to combine so many Trash-Influences from their childhood with modern power metal like VICTORIUS do. Thus, there was no doubt in my mind that I had to ask them some questions. In this short, but informative interview you’ll learn everything from their favorite songs from their new album to the message they always wanted to convey to the public. 

Thanks a lot, once again, to lightinmirror.de for the awesome pictures!

VICTORIUS @Tankbar Leipzig; (c) lightinmirror.de, 2022

Shieldmaiden’s Voice: Of a scale of dinosaur to ninja, how excited are you about the release of your new album?

Dirk: It’s out and it’s awesome!

David: I’m ecstatic! 10 out of 10!

Dirk: 11 out of 10!

SV: Dinosaurs or ninjas?

Dirk: Dinosaurs!

David: Dinosaurs!

SV: Which song from this album is your personal favorite?

Dirk: I really like Jurassic Jetfighters a lot. That’s our combined all-time-favourite!

David: I also like Tyrannosaurus Steel a lot!

Dirk: But the Jurassic Jetfighters can fly!

SV: What should you know before listening to the album?

Dirk: You don’t have to know anything. It’s awesome music. Just listen to it!

David: I think, that it’s quite self-explanatory. There are a lot of 90s vibes and those who grew up with it, might have easier access to the topics discussed on the album.

Dirk: You don’t need any knowledge beforehand though. It’s like Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten [German telenovela focussing on various life-problems of its characters]: You watch two episodes and then you know what’s up once more. You don’t have to know the story so far. It’s really self-explanatory!

SV: Why did you want to make a sequel to Dinosaur Warfare?

Dirk: The story of the first part wasn’t finished. We knew from the beginning that the story has more to it and that we can continue the storyline which began with the EP.

David: We also wanted to make it bigger. We really like dinosaurs and these freaky things are very fun! You can express yourself and be very creative and incorporate your ideas.

Dirk: And we’re also too lazy to think of new things every time, which is why we thought it best to do this again!

VICTORIUS @Tankbar Leipzig; (c) lightinmirror.de, 2022

SV: Have you ever had a moment during the production and release process in which you thought: „What we’re doing is totally ridiculous“?

Dirk: Yes, constantly! When the choir singers come to the studio, they’re the first external people to listen to the songs and read the lyrics. Once they laugh about it and think: „What the hell is that?“, we know we either did everything right or it’s just plain crazy. Their reaction is a good indicator if something is funny or not. 

SV: Which goals do you want to realize with this album?

David: We mainly want the people to have fun! We are a live-band after all, we belong on stage which is why that is so important to us. The songs also translate live very well, as we think.

Dirk: The main goal is fun! There are people who dislike us or who think we’re to silly, but maybe they have fun indirectly, because they can laugh about how stupid this whole thing is.

David: We get at least a smirk out of these people!

SV: What are your plans for the summer and the rest of the year?

Dirk: There is the occasional festival, a couple of club shows, but other than that there’s nothing worth mentioning. Maybe we’ll have another small tour in autumn, but that’s not ripe for decision just yet. We’ll see!

SV: You also played a tour with SERENITY. How did the audience take to the new songs?

Dirk: Excellent! They liked it and it was just our kind of audience.

SV: I don’t want to keep you that long, so on to the closing words! What is something you always wanted to say in an interview but never had the chance to?

Dirk: Good question… A raised middle finger to all the haters! We are confronted with so much hate and bashing because we do our thing and are not some kind of hyper true, boring old-school metal band. Sometimes, you just want to shout at the metal community how intolerant they are! I might get on some people’s bad side by saying it, but it’s a fact! 

David: I agree with that, because I think that many people are to close-minded when it comes to this. You need to have a certain level of respect. It’s sad that we’re slowly but surely losing respect for one another. The artist thought long and hard about the art when they were writing and recording it and there’s a lot of time and passion involved. When you bash someone just for that, then that’s a sign of lacking respect. 

Dirk: Don’t listen to it, when you don’t like it. You can just avoid it, you don’t have to get all hateful!

There you have it! You Can never have enough respect! Enjoy the music and stop spreading negativity. If you want to do something positive, then have a look at the VICTORIUS merch shop!

VICTORIUS @Tankbar Leipzig; (c) lightinmirror.de, 2022

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